What is SBR

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What is SBR

Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) is an advancement in wastewater treatment that allows several steps of the process to take place in a single chamber called a ‘reactor’. Since sequencing batch technology is demand-responsive, it resolves the problem of sludge bulking that happens in conventional extended aeration systems, which cause system failure, especially in small units. Advancements in computers coupled with the dropping price of the microchip have removed the need for a plant operator and made this technology price-competitive at the small, onsite scale.

Today, SBR technology is available for use in a single-family home, apartment, school, trailer park, or cluster system. These units can treat as little as 200 gallons per day. Given their superior control of the batch process, these units consistently produce clear, odorless, oxygenated effluent with reduced nitrogen that promotes a clean environment and extends the life of onsite systems indefinitely.


Anatomy of an SBR


An SBR consists of a pretreatment and reactor. The pretreatment is basically a septic tank and can be one or more chambers. The reactor is a separate chamber that must have a watertight separation from the pretreatment. The size of each tank depends on the daily flow volume as well as the strength of the wastewater.

The shape of these tanks is generally not important. SBRs can be rectangular or round, as long as there are no obstructions to the mixing.


SBR Process


The pretreatment is where primary settling takes place. There is some anaerobic breakdown in the pretreatment similar to that of a septic tank.

In the reactor, the SBR process is a timed, five-step process, involving the following steps:




  • Fill
  • React
  • Settle
  • Decant
  • Idle










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